Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is an important part of care both pre- and post-treatment. Testing can help confirm disease on symptomatic patients along with screening for asymptomatic patients. These tests can also help physicians revise treatment plans and assess progress.

  • CT Scan

    CComputerized tomography scans combine x-ray technology and computer processing to create images of bones and soft tissue inside the body. This service is performed off-site.

  • EMG / NCV Studies

    This test utilizes an electromyography machine to evaluate electrical activities within the body and help study how nerves and muscles are working.

  • MRI

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses the magnetic fields and pulses of the body to make images of organs and other systems. This service is performed off-site.

  • Spinal & Postural Screenings

    Screenings diagnose any misalignment in the spine and corresponding poor posture.

  • X-ray

    X-rays are often taken through all stages of treatment, before, during and post. They allow doctors to view bones to determine the type of treatment needed and the results of current treatment.


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